Jane Mitchell

Gobie Process

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Göbie was created by a team of designers, an industrial designer and three creative technologists, from Parsons School of Design in collaboration with Panasonic.


Healthcare wearables passively track data and are often focused on physical health. In many cases, users lose interest in their wearable. Panasonic wants to rethink the healthcare wearable by providing products that emphasize comprehensive wellness - physical, mental, and social wellness.

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Social Wellness is about being present in your surroundings and making connections with the people around you. Healthcare should not only be about physical condition, but also about mental and social health. 

Face-to-face connections are essential for all aspects of wellness. Unfortunately, current products that are geared towards promoting social interaction are dependent on phone screens. Göbie's hardware design allows users to interact without the mediation of a screen, encouraging them to be more present and aware of their surroundings. 

Göbie uses play as a catalyst for face-to-face interaction. Play is an easy and low-pressure way to initiate face-to-face connection. Göbie's short play experiences encourage users to be mindful of their social wellness.