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Ovee is a sexual and reproductive health platform empowering women with premium content, curated products, and the supportive community they need to decide what is right for their unique healthcare needs. 


Ovee was co-founded with Courtney Snavely and Maddy Siriouthay


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Ovee is a sexual and reproductive health hub for vagina-havers. We create relevant content, curate products, and foster community to help people with vaginas navigate their health on your terms.


When you are experiencing a health issue, most of us turn to google first, where the odds are you're going to find information that says you're dying or have cancer. You are inundated with an overwhelming number of options, from overly clinical, to worst case scenarios, to a million different products.

Now imagine you're a 18 year old woman starting college, you just had sex for the first time, and are experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge. Your sex-education has failed you, your friends are just as clueless as you are, and the internet is full of worst case scenarios and unpersonalized medical information. 

There are nearly 33 million women age 15-29 in the U.S. alone experiencing huge gaps in their healthcare. We spoke with over 300 women and surveyed 1,500 more and 90% of them expressed that, from a young age, they did not receive adequate foundational knowledge of their own bodies, making it difficult to navigate their sexual and reproductive health. In school, we only learn about our bodies in the context of childbearing — and now, more than ever, our government wants to control how or when we do that.

Ovee was born out of love and frustration — love (SO much love) for our fellow vagina-havers and our bodies, and the deeply frustrating, and often times isolating, experience that comes with navigating it all. The world has shied away from our bodies, on a social, educational and political level.

Our Solution

We believe that information is power and access to healthcare is a human right. Ovee is a sexual & reproductive health platform that empowers vagina-havers with premium content, curated products and the supportive community they need to decide what is right for their unique healthcare needs.