Jane Mitchell

Thesis Studio


The science fair was helpful in refining the form itself. There were several suggestions about the best way to cover the dirt while still being able to water the plant - something similar to a soda cup cover, the fabric from chia pets, a cover that is two pieces that snap together. Many of the people I talked too were interested in the packaging of the kit and were hoping for something easy and approachable.

The most interesting point that was brought to my attention was the idea that the interaction with the plant should not be too long. If the user has to commit too much of their time to keeping the plant alive it is possible they may lose interest, particularly with younger users. It will need to be something that either has a shorter lifecycle or something that needs very little attention. This was consistent with my previous user test, the users were getting frustrated when the experience was prolonged, especially if there wasn't any obvious feedback. 

After the user tests and the science fair I will be focusing on creating a functional and durable form, creating a kit that is sustainable and approachable, as well as deciding on the appropriate organisms. 

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